The garage is one of the most cluttered spaces in many households. If organized the right way, one can get the maximum use of the garage. So here are three simple yet effective tips for organizing your garage.


Let’s get real. A garage is a place where we usually dump things and forget about them. So start by decluttering the garage. But it is a humongous process depending upon how much you have stored in your garage. It can take days to declutter so, be prepared for it before you start. Make it a fun activity by involving your family members or get some motivation by watching organizing videos on youtube.

You can make different piles such as discard, donate, keep. Discard the items that are not usable. Donate the toys/clothes your kids have outgrown. You can even gift certain things in good condition which you have not used in years. Keep what is necessary. The aim should be to get rid of as many things as possible.

While decluttering, make sure to clean the garage as well. You can fix some cracks and holes. Remove stains by giving a fresh coat of paint and thoroughly clean the floor surface.

Redefine the purpose of the garage

Defining the purpose of the garage is the easy way to organize it. Do you need to park all the vehicles inside the garage? Do you need a workout place? Do you need a workstation kind of setup for your hobbies? Organize the garage according to your purpose. While doing so, consider the short-term future changes like expecting a new baby or your kid moving out of your house or selling a car, etc so that you need not reorganize the garage immediately.

Smart storage

Smart storage options can help you keep the garage well organized for an extended period. You can go for large transparent boxes to keep things and open steel racks to keep the boxes. Transparent boxes can help you see what’s been stored and, open racks can save the door space. You have a vast wall area in a garage so make maximum use of it. Use hooks, pegboards, and tool towers to store all kinds of tools. If you have bikes, hang them on the wall. You can also go for ceiling storage racks or hang wire shelves on the wall. You can repurpose old cabinets and make sure to fix them above ground level so that cleaning the garage floor can be easy.

As we said before, organizing a garage is an extensive task. But once you do it in the right way, you can be clutter-free for years.