If you want to make your home welcoming but are uncertain how to go about it, here are the three simple things you can try. 


Clutter at home can not just overwhelms you but the guests as well. They need to feel relaxed rather than fishing out legos from the couch. 

An effective way to declutter is doing it the Kon Mari way. Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Have a place/storage for everything so things won’t pile up. 

However, understand that decluttering means you don’t have to go very minimal. You can go extra in the right places. For instance, you can add throws and cushions to the couch to make it cozy instead of keeping it just plain. 

 Add personal touch and life

Let your house tell a story. Be it some souvenirs from travel or your childhood photos, display them to initiate conversations with your guests. If you are into arts and have friends with similar tastes, you can have an art corner. 

You can also add details like a unique rug or some texture on walls which will intrigue the guests and could lead to a good discussion. 

If you reside in a colder place, a dedicated fireplace can be very welcoming and cozy. 

Having indoor plants is a great option to add some life to your house.  

Choose the right colors and lights. 

Now, this no-brainer, the right colors, and light, can make the house cozy and welcoming. We already have many articles written on this topic but, to sum it up, 

  1. Go for warm-toned paints in the areas you entertain the guests. 
  2. Warm white light can be soothing and yet can add enough amount of light to the spaces. 
  3. Have multiple sources of light to use at different times of the day.