Do it yourself (DIY) is not a new concept. If you consider any artistic hobby like knitting a sweater or painting a vase, it is a DIY. However, in recent times, people are leveling up the DIY game. Building something from scratch for your home not only gives happiness but also helps in saving money. There are so many youtube channels that guide you with simple DIY to entire house renovation. Here we present you five youtube channels for every house owner to follow. 

1. Home Renovision DIY 

This channel is by Jeff, a general contractor for over 25 years. His channel is to help homeowners learn the skills and tricks of the trade to take the fear out of a renovation, remodeling, or decorating anything and get professional results. Apart from the renovation and DIY videos, he also talks about how to deal with contractors. 

2. Kristen McGowan 

A Bachelors in Interior Design, McGowan shares about Interior design, home decor, DIY, and lifestyle tips & tricks. She makes videos about interior design trends, design mistakes to avoid, room makeovers, organization, and storage. Her DIY videos and videos on making smaller spaces look bigger are popular. 

3. The Sorry Girls 

It is a digital media brand by Kelsey & Becky; their youtube channel majorly revolves around DIYs. They have a series called ‘How To Do’ where they teach the basics of DIY skills, tools, and techniques such as how to use a nail gun, How To Use An Impact Driver & Drill, and the likes. 

4. House Improvements 

This channel is by Shannon, a professional in the construction industry for decades. Though he says he produces DIY home improvement videos for all skill levels, most of his videos are about building something from scratch. So if you are up for that kind of challenge, it is your go-to channel. 

5. Alexandra Gater

Though we have mentioned ‘home owners’ in the title, let’s make an exception. Alexandra Gater’s channel header reads – helping millennials decorate their rental spaces. She is an editor, stylist, and home decor expert from Toronto. She is passionate about showing millennials it’s possible to live in a home that feels stylish and beautiful. Apart from the rental-friendly decor, her extreme makeover videos of small spaces are widely popular.