Global warming and climate change are major issues, which require action from individuals, global industries, and governments around the world. It made a huge impact on our environment that people started looking for eco-friendly options while buying a new house.

A sustainable house is a kind of house that saves energy, water, reduces wastage and doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment.

Here are 6 ways to have an eco-friendly house for sustainable living.

Carbon Negative Home

A zero-carbon house consumes the energy it generates making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. Good ventilation to provide enough cooling effect, insulation to keep the house warm are some basic examples of achieving a zero-carbon house. A geothermal heat pump is another option which reduces the usage of cooling and heating units in the house. It uses the heat from the earth; this reversible technology can keep the place warm in winters, and cool during hotter months.


A floor which is made of material from renewable sources ensures the sustainability of the house. Materials like Rubber, Bamboo, Cork and Linoleum can be used for flooring and they are totally from renewable sources and it’s easy to install and maintain. Bamboo is antibacterial in nature and water-resistant. Cork is peeled and harvested from the cork oak tree which is good for noise insulation.

Double glazing windows

Perfect window placement would energize the entire atmosphere of the house. Double glazed windows can be energy efficient, it minimizes noise, prevents UV light from entering the house, it is cost-efficient as well. If you are renovating your house and considering to add eco-friendly options, installing double glazed windows can be the best option.

Smart Appliances

The world is moving towards automation and innovation. In the world of smartness, a small sensor attached to appliances does wonders in terms of energy savings. Simple LED lights consume less energy compared to normal lights. A motion sensor light is another smart option to consider. It lights up only when a movement is deducted which eliminates the need to keep a light on for longer hours especially in spaces like driveways, outdoor pathways etc. Likewise, the BLDC motor powered fan, wifi-enabled coffee maker, smart refrigerator, smart irrigation system to keep the lawn moisture that saves a tremendous amount of water as well as electricity.

Solar panels

Solar power enabled houses are more eco-friendly to the environment which just absorbs the light and converts into electricity through PV (photovoltaic) effect.It contributes so much to the environment, unlike other non-renewable energy sources that damages a lot. Solar water heaters a domestic hot water system is a popular product that generates hot water with the help of solar panels, and it’s cost-efficient.

Rainwater harvesting

Storing rainwater is a good practice widely used to handle water scarcity during summer in some well-known countries but it’s an effective way to cut down on household water usage and save money. Rainwater’s can be collected, managed, stored beneath the ground in some barrel or a tank later can be used to watering the garden, washing a car, and in washrooms or can be processed and filtered to use as drinking water with the help of a filtration system. 

Through eco-friendly elements and super smart decisions, you are making a living that will endure for a long time that benefits mother earth. The earth is not only the place for humans but also for other living things too, your little care and empathy makes a huge positive impact on the environment. Let’s not take our environment for granted.