The kitchen is one of the important spaces in any house. Whether you cook hearty meals all the 3 times or use the space only as and when required, we cannot deny the fact that at least 20% of the entire house area is kitchen space. Therefore, it is inevitable to have a functional yet nicely done kitchen to enhance the overall look of your home. But it doesn’t mean that you can have to go for expensive interiors or to hire a professional to get your kitchen done. Here are a few functional design elements you can add in your kitchen, well under a budget. 


  1. Lighting

kitchen lighting

A well-lit kitchen is a must-have. Sure your kitchen must be already having enough lighting. But adding a few extra lights not only will help in increasing the light in the kitchen but also act as a design element. You can go for different shaped lights which are widely available in markets these days. This will surely add a wow factor to your kitchen.

2. Mimic surface

There is no doubt that classic surfaces like marble and granite can take the look of your kitchen to the next level but you have to be extra careful as such surfaces are prone to damages such as staining, scratches, etc. It also becomes difficult to clean such surfaces. It is a better option to go for alternatives which give a look like marble but actually come very cheap in cost and of less maintenance. For the countertop, you can go for a quartz surface which exactly looks like marble. And for flooring, you can go with tiles that come in different designs. 

mimic kitchen surface

Textured walls are so in trend but such a wall in the kitchen can easily accumulate dirt, oil and it becomes a nightmare to clean. So instead of going for a textured wall, you can go for a design that gives a visual effect that the wall is textured. This not only adds a design element to your kitchen but also makes your cleaning super easy. 

3. Color block

color blocking kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen an instant contemporary look, go for color blocking. Just do one of the cabinets or a set of drawers a different color, a nice blue or red. This definitely adds a little quirkiness and a modern touch to your kitchen. If you do this to the most used cabinet and drawer, the color can help to hide the wear and tear which will otherwise show up easily on a lighter colored surface. 

4. Same color appliances 

kitchen appliance

The previous design tip works well for the fixtures whereas for appliances it is better to go for the same color family. This can give a neatly done, elegant look to your kitchen. Go for subtle nice colors like silver or ivory white to get that rich look. 

5. Seatings 

kitchen seating arrangement

You can play around and experiment a lot with respect to the seating arrangements. If you are someone who doesn’t really like to be disturbed while cooking, don’t have any chairs around your workspace. You can have 2-3 high chairs a little far from your workspace just like a small chilling space to have a glass of wine. Move the dining space far from the kitchen. If you don’t mind having a company while cooking, then have some seating arrangments around your workspace itself. If there is enough space, you can go with different seating arrangements. A small cozy place near a window for breakfast/coffee or tea, a proper dining space and then a separate place with a different mood for drinks. From small ottomans to highrise chairs you can choose, arrange, rearrange as per your requirements. 

6. Personal touch 

electronic space in kitchen

Home doesn’t feel like home, without our personal touch, isn’t it? Take all the inspiration you want but don’t forget to add your personal touch to the design. If you are a nature lover, you can add some indoor plants in your kitchen. Or, you can have a small space to hold any electronic device to listen to music, podcasts, etc. The choices are limitless and up to your taste and creativity. 


Hope this post was useful and stay tuned to our blog for more such posts.