In the pursuit of getting our dream house, we tend to let go of a few shortcomings. If kitchen space is something you have compensated for, do not worry, you can still make most of a small kitchen. Read on to know more.

Be sure of your kitchen needs.

Firstly, think and decide how you want your kitchen to be. Do you want it to look spacious and aesthetically pleasing? Or, you want to use it just as a cooking space? Do you want the eating area within the kitchen? Should it be minimal? Are you the kind of person who likes to mix things up now and then or, do you want to go with a fixed setup throughout? Once you decide on your requirements, it gets easier for you to set up the kitchen and, it also helps to achieve the desired output.

Cabinets VS Open Shelves

make most of a small kitchen

Well, it depends on your requirement. You will be able to make maximum use of the cabinet by adding shelf risers, pullout shelves, and other cabinet organizers. However, more cabinets can make the kitchen look smaller, especially if the cabinets are dark in color. Open shelves can make the kitchen look spacious. You can add some personal touch to it by adding a small plant or a decor piece. But you will not be able to store many things like the cabinets. So a mix of both storage cabinets and open shelves can be ideal for a small kitchen.

Identify Spaces

Making most of your small kitchen is all about identifying the apt spaces. If you have good counter space, you can use the shelf risers on your kitchen counter.

Pic – Amazon

It won’t clutter the area and helps in storage. If the cabinets are spacious, insert hooks on the doors to hang certain items. You can place rotating inserts inside the cabinets. Utilize narrow spaces by using sleek trolleys.

Pic – Amazon

As these come with wheels, you can always move them around as per your requirement. If possible, you can go for a built-in microwave which frees up counter space. Use up your wall space by fixing rods to hang pans. You can also use pegboards for hanging kitchenware.

Movable kitchen island

If a kitchen island is a need for you, go for a movable setup. You can go with one with wheels so that you can move it around. Or, repurpose a workbench so that you can lift it easily.

Pic – Ikea

You can add drawers and racks in the workbench to get some provision for storage as well.

Experiment wherever possible

You have carefully curated your entire house but feel like the kitchen is left out? Do not worry. You can experiment wherever possible in your small kitchen. You can go for patterned floors or walls, some unique splashback tiles, look out for novel kitchen appliances, serving dishes, and quirky decor pieces.

Avoid distractions

Even a well-maintained kitchen can look congested because of the size. Try to avoid distraction in every possible way. Aim for brighter lights but let the size of the lights be small. Avoid large handles and doorknobs for the cabinets. Go for light colors and make sure not to contradict your decor and wall/cabinet colors. Overall, try to make the kitchen clutter-free.