How much ever we plan before buying/building a house, there are certain things that bound to deviate from the expected results. The most common ‘expectation vs reality’ problem faced is with respect to the size of a room. An empty room obviously looks spacious, it’s only when we start to add up things, the reality hits. In certain cases, we end up in a situation that needs repurposing a smaller room into something else, eg:- a study room to a bedroom or a guest room. So, what is the solution when there is a space constraint? Move to a bigger house? Fortunately, no! A few interior changes are all you need. 


Here are the 6 ways to make a smaller room look big and functional,


  1. Add accents on the ceiling 

 The idea here is to draw the attention towards the ceiling so that the room looks taller and bigger. You can paint some designs on the ceiling or paint it in a darker color than the rest of the room. Another design change that can be done is pasting wallpaper on the ceiling which can draw instant attention. 

ceiling design for small rooms


  1. Use light colors

Using light colors for the walls gives an illusion of more opened up space and it also reflects the natural light which makes a smaller room appear much bigger. The same color palette as the walls can be used for curtains, rugs, cushion/pillow covers, bedsheets, etc depending on the type of furniture of that particular room. 

light colors for small rooms


  1. Go for multifunctional furniture 

A coffee table that can be used as seating, a sofa that can be turned to a bed, an ottoman with storage space – go for such multifunctional furniture which doesn’t occupy much space but can functionally solve various purposes. 

multi functional furniture


  1. Add tall aesthetics

This is another way to make a room look larger and bigger. Furniture with tall legs, tall wall-wall shelves, long curtains that reach the floor etc are your go-to elements for this. 


long curtains for small room

  1. Use wall fixtures 

Wall fixtures are the easy way to save up ground space. Be it a work table, shelves or even a bedside table can be attached to the wall without occupying any space on the ground. Just make sure not to go overboard with the fixtures. 

wall shelves for small room

  1. Go minimalistic with decor 

Instead of adding many small decor pieces, one big decor piece can instantly make the room spacious. Adding a big mirror is also a good tactic as the reflections in the mirror can make the room bigger. 

decor for smaller rooms


Hope these tips come in handy when you are struggling with space constraints at your home. Do follow our blog for more such useful posts.