Every home with time requires some maintenance to make your home more attractive and charming. Some of us always call the handyman for home maintenance.

Undoubtedly, we need a handyman to perform several complex home maintenance tasks, but there are plenty of functions that we can do ourselves without paying the handyman. Here we will share seven home maintenance tasks that you can do yourself.

Repair Cracked Molding with Caulk– It is common for cracks to form in the molding; it is not a significant structural problem. You can repair it quickly with a caulk. It is pretty easy, clean the surface, then apply caulk beads, smooth them and let the cracks dry. It will protect your wall from further cracking and keep wind, water, and insects from passing through the wall.

Unclog drain or a sink- You may face sink clogging problems many times, but you never thought you could fix and unclog the drain or sink yourself with simple guidance. Sometimes all it takes to watch simple YouTube video to fix the issue instead people spends a lot to regret late wasting so much money on the plumbing service instead of fixing by themselves. It will resolve your issue quickly and also saves money.

Repairing Shingles- Shingles are the part of the roof which frequently needs maintenance before and after the rainy season. It is good to check the shingles before the rainy season to protect from any unwanted situation. If there is any damage to shingles, it will cause leakage of rainwater into your room. It will cause many problems for you and can damage your valuable furniture and other items. You can fill its crack and can replace them with a new one.

Repairing Garage Doors- Garage doors also require frequent maintenance from wear and tear. It is expected that garage springs become faulty due to rust or sometimes break due to use. You can lubricate them and, if needed, replace them with a new one to keep your garage doors in proper functioning condition and improve their efficiency.

Paint Retouches- Over time paint needs to be retouched; you may need to retouch due to scratches, stains, drywall job, and nicks from being touched by other objects, which result in a very tedious look. With a few bit guidelines and from the tutorials, you can perform that job with ease and keep your home paint better to extend its lifespan. Painting is relatively easy even if you can do your room paint yourself.

Cleaning the Garbage disposal- It is shared with use of garbage disposals that create bad smell; they need proper cleaning after some days. It is pretty easy to clean garbage disposals. You can eliminate odor; you can use a half cup vinegar mixed with a half cup of baking soda. Pour that mixture on the garbage disposal and leave it for one hour, then wash it properly.

Cleaning Gutters- Gutters often require cleanliness; you can do cleanliness of gutters and downspouts. You will need a spotter, a ladder, long gloves, a tool to scrape the sticky materials, and safety gears to clean the gutter. It is time consuming but quite a simple task.

Our Final Thoughts,

Our home is our own paradise; we need maintenance to make our home more peaceful and safe for us. There are plenty of home maintenance tasks that we can do ourselves without the help of a handyman.

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