We talked in detail about staging different segments of the house in our previous posts. Now the question arises, whether to hire someone to stage your house or do it yourself?  

There are staging companies that solely work on staging houses listed for selling. Whether you need to hire a company or not depends on quite a few factors. 

In a seller’s market where the supply is less and the demand is more, even an empty house can get sold quickly. Some realtors have taken up an interest in staging that they are capable of staging the property themselves. In this case, you don’t need to hire someone new. If you’re the seller and have eyes for details and a taste for fine furniture, aesthetic decors, then an overhaul before you list the house can do the work. 

Irrespective of the above pointers, a staged house can sell faster by 88%.

Here are some deciding factors for hiring a staging company 

1. It’s a buyer’s market where the supply is more and the competition is more. 

2. You need the property to be sold quickly for various reasons. The need to pay a mortgage for another property is one example. 

3. To address a design problem. For example, you have a room in a unique shape that you don’t know how to stage.

4. Your target buyers are different like you are using the house as a bachelor and now you want to sell it to families. 

5. When you are emotionally attached to the house. If you’re not having the heart to change anything about the house, a help from someone without an emotional attachment is required. 

If you have decided to go ahead with a staging company, here are a few pointers to look into before finalizing one. 

1. Look into their previous works and ask for the last 2-3 properties they have helped sell. 

2.  Read reviews and if possible, talk with people they have already worked with. 

3. Ask your real estate agent to refer to a staging company. Realtors are more experienced in this and they might able to pick the right company for you. 

4. Make sure to have a one on one conversation to explain your needs and to make sure they can meet your demands. 

You might ask – isn’t hiring a staging company adds up to the expenses?

The simple answer for this is yes. 

However, it’s better to pay for the staging company than to keep your house on the market for months. Quicker your property get sold, quicker are the returns.