The MNR Program Guide is a formal written notice to MNR staff and the public explaining how MNR programs make decisions and conduct program activities when certain details are not included in legislation. The Department uses a variety of formats to document guidelines, including management plans, operations manuals, manuals, manuals, instruction brochures and written instructions from managers to employees. Guidelines may include recommended actions or conditions of approval based on certain criteria and clarify how the ministry`s legal authority is implemented. In addition to the program guides listed below, you can find other guides already valid elsewhere on our website. To find these additional guides, please use the website search function in the top right corner above the navigation menu. You can search for the topic you are interested in or use our navigation menu to navigate our website. Wisconsin DNR creates and revises program guidelines to consistently implement state laws and rules in our various natural resource programs. The Fisheries, Wildlife and Parks Division welcomes public contributions to our important government resources and programs. Your ideas are important to us! Help guide and shape the future direction of Wisconsin`s natural resource management and conservation programs. We welcome your contributions to one of the guides in the table below during the public comment period. After reviewing the document, simply click on the “Email Comments” link in the column of this document to share your thoughts. If you have any questions about the input process or a document, please contact the contact listed in the table below.

We consider all public comments in the same way when finalizing documents.