If your business already has a legal department, Griffin Legal can supplement your existing staff during critical periods of high activity. Again, at very competitive prices. Griffin Legal is proud to be a modern and innovative law and consulting firm. Whether it`s a ticket that puts your driver`s licence at risk, a divorce, or other family law issues that leave you overwhelmed, any legal challenge can have a serious impact on your life. During these difficult and stressful times, you can always turn to Griffin Law`s legal team, PLLC, to understand, guide and take decisive action to protect your rights and your future. We live in an unforgiving legal environment. Government regulation of the economy has never been more pervasive and the prosecution industry more active. Failure to comply with legal requirements can have serious or even fatal consequences for your business. Griffin Law prides itself on providing innovative, cost-effective, commercial, proactive and persistent legal advice to individuals and businesses in Kent, London and around the world. Griffin Legal PLLC focuses on the legal needs of Texas businesses, from startups to large public companies. In addition to serving traditional businesses, we are particularly passionate about the opportunities and challenges faced by socially responsible entrepreneurs and mission-driven businesses. Our main motivation is to get to know you and your company, so that together we can create the right legal basis for a commercial and targeted and responsible development. Commercial in use.

We immediately find out what you want when it comes to resolving disputes and make sure to remember those goals at all times. We speak plain English and avoid getting involved in unnecessary or complacent legal arguments that are irrelevant to resolving your dispute. Griffin Legal analyzes your objectives in depth, explains the advantages and disadvantages of each form of business organization and helps you adapt the right legal structure for your business. Griffin Legal can provide your business with the benefit of an in-house lawyer without the need for full-time legal staff. We offer general and specialized legal representation with a flexible fee schedule tailored to the specific needs of your business. Specifically, Griffin Legal offers services in the following areas: Information about legal statements, our privacy policy and our complaints procedure can be found in the footer of the website. In each of these scenarios, we can help. Experienced in all aspects of roll-up, buying (and selling) assets, and mergers and acquisitions/divestitures, Griffin Legal can help you navigate a complex transaction without sacrificing your business goals or social mission. Griffin Legal helps your organization create and document a variety of contracts and operating policies and procedures to maintain the efficiency and compliance of your business operations.

Access to capital is crucial for businesses at all stages of their growth and development. In fact, more than 50% of small businesses fail, almost always due to insufficient capital to support the business. On the other hand, you may be nearing retirement or are willing to sell your business. You have undoubtedly invested a lot of time, money and effort, perhaps your entire adult life, in building your business and you deserve to maximize the return on investment. Or maybe your business has an integrated social mission that you want to pursue after the sale, but you`re not sure the buyer will keep it. Teamwork. We work closely with our customers and involve them every step of the way. This teamwork builds trust, as many customers stay with us for years to come (and pass on new business to us). It also means that cases are handled cost-effectively and with minimal effort. Each client can count on a team of qualified professionals, led by an experienced lawyer with many years of experience. They are never entrusted to an administrator or a clerk. As discussed in Part I of this series of articles, […] Strategic.

We make a plan, stick to it and refine it as the case progresses. A single dispute resolution strategy protocol underpins the strategy we will use to resolve your dispute. Attorney Jonathan D. Griffin has been a skilled and energetic advocate for residents of Iredell County and elsewhere in North Carolina for 19 years. He is known for his direct communication style and negotiation and litigation skills. If you would like personalized attention from a criminal defense attorney and divorce attorney in Statesville and a professional support team that puts your needs first, contact our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. Griffin Law is proud to work at the cutting edge of law and jurisprudence. Among the cases we report are the following: We examined the importance of alternative dispute resolution. When it comes to a “Bet the Company” trial, Kay Griffin`s lawyers are your crisis managers. We work closely with you to identify your needs, guide you through the process and develop strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We are problem solvers; And if that solution requires a courtroom, we are litigators.

Tailor-made. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to litigation. Each client`s case is different. We work with clients to ensure they are happy with the strategy, tactics and cost budget. We are always ready to adapt our approach to the needs of our customers.