When listing a house for sale, the garage might be the last space to get an upgrade. One might think it’s just a garage – what to do with it? 

When you list your house to sell, you face different buyers. For a few, the presence of a garage is more than enough. But, many might expect an upgraded space (it’s 2022, after all).

Now a garage space is not a deciding factor for buying your house. But, having an upgraded garage can add some bonus points. So we keep saying upgraded garage – what do we mean by that? Here are four things that can make your garage stand out 

Enough storage 

It’s a basic expectation that a garage should have ample storage. However, if you’ve some space constraints, look out for modern storage ideas like overhead storage racks, floating storage, and cabinets on the walls. 

Make sure not to go overboard with it – as cleaning and maintaining the storage space should be easy. 

Make it a flexible space

The garage should not be the space to park the vehicles alone. With the pandemic, more ppl inclining toward meaningful hobbies – it can be a space for a workstation, gardening supplies, a workout area, etc. 

Let the potential buyer be able to visualize it as per their need and wish. 

Possible extension of the layout

If there is a provision to extend the garage space, be it length or height-wise, try to use it. This attracts families with multiple or bigger vehicles. These extended-length garages are in demand as the new vehicles in markets are longer and might not fit in a standard-size garage. 

Finishing touches

Epoxy-covered floors, LED lighting, a fresh coat of white paint -minimal upgrades you can make without burning a hole in your pocket. If your budget allows, you can go for an insulated door for your garage. This upgrage is majorly for using the garage space effeciently during colder weathers.