Happiness is finding and buying a new home with all the soul-filling essential amenities you sought for but home moving is an overwhelming task that most people hate doing.

Organizing all household items is a gigantic job; sometimes it goes chaotic when you break something while packing or during transport. Here are some smart home shifting tips to avoid turmoil on your moving day to a new abode.

Declutter the House

The best way to reduce the load while packing is by decluttering the entire house before you start. Start with the most cluttered part of the house, it could be your kitchen, garage or your kids’ room. Get rid of the items which are not in the usable condition. The items which are hardly used in the past 3 months can be donated. It is the time to bring out the inner Marie Konda in you 🙂

Use Blankets, bath towels and bubble wrap

Fragile items need extra care while packing. Bigger fragile items like lampshades, artefacts can be wrapped in blankets. Use bath towels/ wash towels for smaller ones such as plates and glassware. If you can get hold of some bubble wraps that usually come with online shopping orders, it can be of great help to pack any kind of fragile items. 

Stuff goes back in those original boxes

 If you have the habit of saving the cardboard boxes of electronic appliances, it comes in handy while packing. It’s time to go to your garage/attic and look for the original packaging. Enormous LED TV, washing machine, irons, ovens, home theatres all these stuff can be best-packed in their original boxes.

Cover the toiletry bottles tops with plastic wrap

To prevent potential leaking and spilling (and crying and cursing), take an extra two minutes as you pack to secure your toiletry bottles. Unscrew the cap of your shampoo bottle, wrap a piece of plastic wrap (or a Ziploc bag) over the top, and screw the cap back on. Simple and surprisingly effective.

Labelling Boxes like a Boss


Labelling on the boxes saves time by eliminating confusion during unboxing stuff. Setting up the new house can be as exhausting as packing and shifting. So you don’t really need to find kitchen items while setting up the living room. Labelling boxes by category, for example, books, dresses etc will help in placing the boxes in the respective rooms thereby speeding up the unloading process.

 Choose the right Packers and Movers

 Research well and find the right packers and movers as per your requirement and budget. Always check the reviews before making the decision and don’t forget to ask your friends/family for some reference as well. Look out for details such as what happens if there is a breakage during packing and moving, whether the cost they quoted includes the labour charge and transportation charge, how many workers will be employed for the job etc. 

Shifting home is a mammoth task and unloading things from the truck and arranging back to your new beautiful abode make you lose some calories without doing a deadlift at the gym and make sure you have enough glucose before you are ready to sweat your hands.  Happy Abode!!!