Recently, we came across a term called Bathroom Read. A busy mom of 2 toddlers uses her 5-10 minutes of bathroom time to read something peacefully. A survey shows a person spends around an average of 400 days in the bathroom; the time spent keeps increasing. 

Bathroom space is no longer just a place to freshen up. So while seeing a house, a potential buyer will not just peek into the bathroom and move on. Staging bathroom is as important as any part of the house before showing. Here is a staging guide for a bathroom to lure your potential buyers. 

Deep clean and Maintain

Bathroom floors and walls get tough stains because of the constant exposure to water and moisture. It is better to take professional help to remove the stains and to do a deep cleanse. Do not schedule the deep cleaning just the day before showing the house. The cleaning solutions can leave a strong smell which is not going to be pleasant for the visitors. Get the cleaning done 3-4 days prior and maintain the bathroom clean until the day of showing the house. 

Other things that need to be taken care of are changing the shower curtain rod if it is rusty, cleaning the exhaust fan, repairing fixtures, and the likes. 

Declutter yet add details.

The bathroom can be a place for hoarding. You may not realize it until you declutter. Remove used towels, bathrobes, personal care items, cosmetics, and any personalized decorative items from the bathroom. If you have worn-out cleaning brushes, replace them with new ones. Though decluttering is necessary, an empty bathroom will not be visually appealing. Add some fresh linens in the bathroom like bath towels, a bath mat to instantly elevate the look. 

Go for a neutral color theme. 

To get a pleasant and neat look and to help the buyers visualize the space with their ideas, go for neutral colors in your bathroom. From paint color on the walls to bath linens, make sure to maintain neutral colors. 

Sensory Experience

Whatever the makeover we give for the bathroom, the thought it’s a used bathroom can linger on the potential buyer’s mind. A sensory experience can help get rid of that thought. Firstly, make sure a good amount of natural light flows into the bathroom. If natural light is scarce, go for bright artificial lightings. A good amount of light can highlight the features of your bathroom and gives a brand new sense to the buyers. You can use a good room refresher (make sure it is not overpowering), a potpourri, or even scented candles to add a subtle fragrance to the bathroom.