Staging is a process of preparing each part of a house before selling it. The purpose of this is to make a house more appealing to potential buyers. Each part of the house has a different purpose and comes with different sets of challenges. Proper guidelines have to be followed to make the staging process work. 

We are coming up with a series of posts for staging a house and in this post, we have explained about the staging of a bedroom. 


A bedroom is a personal place for all of us. We tend to decorate it with our personal photos, monogrammed pillowcases and anything personal to remind us of good memories. It is better to remove such personal items while staging the house for sale. It not only helps potential buyers to visualize their own life but also helps to declutter the bedroom. 

bedroom staging

If you think there is more empty space after depersonalization, you can go for neutral pictures like scenery or artwork to fill the space.  

Go for neutral colours 

Stick with neutral colors for bedding, curtains, and rugs if any. Neutral colors give a very pleasant and calm feeling, also makes the bedroom look very classy. It helps to reflect the natural light so if you think your bedroom is smaller in size, neutral colors can make it appear bigger. 

neutral colors for bedroom

If you think a pop of color can make the look of your bedroom better, go for something pleasant like the color blue. 


Deep clean

Though we tend to keep our bedroom clean, go for a deep clean before staging. Vacuum clean every corner of the bedroom and go for freshly washed sheets. We tend to forget the windows, window sills, light fixtures, etc while we generally clean the bedroom. So take the help of a professional to get these areas cleaned. 


If there are any strong chemicals used in the deep cleaning process it will not give a pleasant feeling for the visitors so make sure you do the cleaning at least 3 days before the staging

Don’t forget the details 

Decluttering and depersonalization are must before staging but it can also make the bedroom look plain and boring. So don’t forget to add some details. You can add some scented candles and small plants on the nightstand. Add some floor cushions or decorative lamps to fill up the empty space. If you have a dresser, add some minimal stuff instead of keeping it empty. A few experts claim that dressers are out of trend. So you can remove the dresser from your bedroom and go for something contemporary like a rug or bedroom bench or even a cozy chair. 

bedroom bench staging



The closet is one of the important parts of the bedroom. No need to fill the closet as the buyers might not be able to figure out the actual capacity of the closet. The best thing to do is to make sure your closet has enough space for all the necessary items. Hang some shirts, if there is a section for accessories use that, store some sweaters to show the storage capacity. Keep 3-4 different pairs of footwear. If there is a space to store bags, use that as well. 

bedroom closet

You can also add a mirror inside the closet and make sure the closet is well lit.