A mighty living room,  spacious of bedrooms with the lovely window as it faces the lovely garden where large old oak trees grow and the big portico standing tall supporting the house could add aesthetic beauty to the house but do you know what makes it so engrossing for a potential buyer? where the selling point relies on? It is the basic amenities such as kitchen, garage or an attic which will make life easier.  

While staging a house for potential buyers, it is important to stage the kitchen nicely as much as the living room and bedrooms 

Do a deep cleansing 

deep cleansed kitchen

The kitchen might be small in space compared to a bedroom or a living room but it is the toughest to clean. Hire a professional to thoroughly clean your kitchen to remove stubborn stains, moisture, messes inside kitchen appliances and the odour that comes with the prolonged cooking in the kitchen. Apart from the professional cleaning, do some cleaning on your own as well before the staging; mainly to take care of garbage disposal, cleaning of surfaces like countertops, tables, refrigerators, cupboards etc. 

Declutter and Depersonalize 

declutter kitchen

A kitchen is a place that surely evolves according to an individual’s need and usage. It is important to declutter the kitchen so that the potential buyers can visualize it as per their needs. 

 “The kitchen should look like you could walk in and cook a meal now,” says Audrey Driscoll, a New Orleans-based interior designer with staging experience. 

The countertop is the major visible part in a kitchen. Make sure to remove all the unnecessary items from the countertop but don’t overdo it and make it look plain. You can keep the necessary items such as a coffee maker, kitchen towel stand, nice mugs/cutleries to give it a pleasant look. Placing a flower vase or some kitchen plants will also add a nice touch. 

If you have rearranged the furniture as per your convenience, arrange it in their respective places to allow free flow. 

If you have personalized magnets on your fridge, personalized coffee mugs, napkins with initials etc it is better to remove those during staging. 

Don’t forget the cupboards and drawers 

kitchen drawers

Cupboards and drawers are closed surfaces but important aspects of a kitchen. The potential buyers will definitely check these spaces. Arrange the cupboards and drawers neatly and make sure it is not overstuffed. Fix the wear and tear such as stains, scratches, loose fittings etc. If budget permits, you can arrange the cupboards with similar-looking containers with labels. 

Use the natural light

natural light in kitchen

Natural light works very well while staging. Who doesn’t like a warm ray of sunshine passing through the kitchen while having a nice meal? Keep the windows open and let the natural light flow inside the kitchen. If you think the natural light is stark, go for light coloured curtains which will diffuse the natural light. Not all the kitchens will have natural light, in such cases, go for bright artificial lights.